Reflective Heat Technologies
HT-1 Concentrating Solar Thermal Collector

The HT-1 is a unique vertically mounted Concentrating Solar Thermal Collector design, optimized to northern climates.  It features high efficiency energy conversion, high temperature output and a built-in tracking system.


Very light weight wall mountable design collects heat when most needed.  High efficiency in cold temperatures combined with heat storage makes this system ideal for winter space heating and high grade heat for agricultural and industrial process applications. 


The system’s high grade heat capture capability also permits it to be used for solar cooling or co-generation applications.



System Description:

System consists of: 1. Mounting rack, 2. Collector assembly, 3. Absorber, and 4. Controller


  1. Mounting Rack:


  1. Collector assembly:


  1. Absorber:


  1. Controller:


Peripheral Requirements:



Safety and Maintenance:



Other product considerations: